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Framing Department

We are extremely proud of our framing department and justifiably so in my opinion. I have yet to see framing to a higher standard than our own at such competitive prices. All silks, cross-stitches and tapestries etc. are, as appropriate, properly stretched and prepared prior to beginning the framing process, (sport-strips for example, have no visible fixings) with none of the shortcuts that are used in this industry simply for the convenience of the framer. We can, when required, frame to museum standards. We take a pride in using only top quality materials and we have framed just about everything you would imagine: originals; prints; certificates; maps; photographs; sports strips (one of our specialties); tapestries; canvases; medals; banknotes; compact discs etc. etc. etc. Furthermore the ability to combine our framing and woodworking departments if required means that we have been able to frame some items that would be more of a surprise: BAFTA nomination tickets; gold discs; claymores; bras; fishing reels; knots; betting slips; even the racing-plate horseshoe of a derby winner, complete with a bit of the turf! If size matters we have also done on-site framing bigger than the average living room wall!

We probably carry in stock one of the widest ranges of frames and mount-boards available anywhere in the U.K., so you should be sure to find something to enhance whatever you wish to have framed. This also means that we can usually meet any urgent framing requirements even if it is the same day, although a small surcharge is applicable for this service. We can therefore also supply from stock, mouldings and mounts cut to your own specifications if you fancy trying some home framing. We can also replace broken glass in your existing picture frame and because we do all the work here, we can usually complete the job before your mum and dad return from holiday and find out about the party that caused the damage!

We have framed for royalty, film-stars, pop-stars, foreign ministers, government departments (no, I did not sign the official secrets act), schools, universities and most important of all, Mr. and Mrs. average person.

So if you are fed up with mediocrity as a standard, feel free to bring your artwork in to the real professionals for some genuine advice and a very competitive quotation for top quality work.