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The renowned French philosopher, Rene Descartes, is famous for his conclusion, ‘I think therefore I am’. Since art is about confidence as much as anything, by following Descartes’ reasoning, if you think you are an artist, you probably are! Although knowing the relevant technical skills is very important, the ability to blend in that part of your emotion or your soul is also a necessary quality. Unfortunately, we can’t do much for your soul, but at least we have the materials to help you on the way technically. We carry an extensive range of artists’ water-colour paints, acrylics and oils (see the list below). However, if you prefer to keep the contents of your soul strictly ‘for your eyes only’ and really just fancied a dabble with a brush, we also carry a wide range of student quality paints and craft paints. We stock an equally wide range of brushes and painting surfaces to suit all mediums, again in a wide range of qualities. If you prefer to do your artwork at night using a brick wall for a canvas, we also keep an excellent range of Plastikote spray paints. Note however that it is illegal to sell spray paint to persons under sixteen.

Daler-Rowney Materials:
Artists’ water colour ~ Aquafine water colour ~ Cryla and System 3 Acrylic ~ Georgian oils ~ Designers gouache ~ Canford paper and card ~ mount board ~ Mediums ~ Cryla and System 3 brushes ~ wide range of gift sets ~ artists’ easels ~ Langton papers ~ Bockingford pads ~ Lyndhurst pads ~ soft pastels ~ etc.etc.etc.
Winsor & Newton Materials:
Finity artist acrylic ~ Artists’ water colour ~ Cotman water colours ~ Cotman blocks and pads ~ Cotman loose A1 size watercolour sheets.